Kinetek’s corporate marketing group managed the domestic and international trade show schedule for the 12 Kinetek branded operating units, including MCE—and reached out to SGX in 2007 about a long term partnership to design and implement a corporate-wide trade show strategy that would leverage investment in new booth properties over multiple business units and market sectors. SGX designed a series of compatible booth structures and properties to accommodate multiple booth size variations and interchangeable company branding that could be used for MCE and each of the Kinetek business units that relied on industry trade shows to reach new and existing customers.

Starting with a foundation of 20 x 40 booth properties, and supplemented with additional custom properties and regular maintenance and upgrades, MCE/Kinetek experienced significant ROI as the useful life of the exhibit properties extended to 5+ years. In 2014, MCE transitioned to a new exhibit presence shared with sister company, Valmark Interface Solutions.