An SGX customer since 2007, VIS approached SGX in 2012 about designing a new show presence that would more closely align VIS to its growing medical market business—and position the company as a leader in the technically advanced human machine interface (HMI) space. VIS had previously relied on booth properties from its corporate parent that weren’t optimized for the branding sensitivities of the medical market space.

SGX designed a booth with prominent 20’ tower architecture with ring header and custom support blades for messaging and video display. Designed to fit comfortably in 20 x 20 and 20 x 40 booth settings, the technology themes were also leveraged to a 10 x 20 inline booth with custom touch screen video display for smaller show venues. The booth properties developed for VIS were later also used by sister company, MCE, as the basis for its 20 x 40 elevator industry show participation.